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dvnkdvnk ([personal profile] dvnkdvnk) wrote2015-12-15 05:54 pm

About me

Friends Only
no rl friends.


I read a lot, watch a lot of tv/movies, and I really like music
I'm not very social.  I used to be, but now I just have pretty bad anxiety -- like the rest of my generation I've come to notice.  
I can be honest and say to you that I come off as a pretty abrasive, monotone and very direct person irl.  My ability to be blunt has often pushed people away, I think I'm doing better, but I mean, fuck, I have very few friends and most are in other states now.  
I'm 27, biracial, my mom is Mexican-american and my dad is Caucasian.  I grew up in Dallas, spent my summers in Mexico and moved to Alaska for a couple of years in my early 20s.  I've been in a relationship with someone since 2009, we have a daughter who is six. 
I have a lame ass job I might talk about because I spend 160 hours a month wasting away at that place.

i love game of thrones (tv/books), rick and morty, drum and bass music.

sometimes nsfw

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